Warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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One minute,teach you to choose e-liquid

Only one minute,teach you how to choose a good e-liquid

When choosing e-juice, consider flavor and brand. Knowing the composition and general working principle of e-juice can not only help you choose e-juice, but also allow you to draw it into your body with confidence.

Nicotine is the first reason for the throat feeling of e-cigarettes. The higher the nicotine concentration in the e-juice, the stronger the throat hit, but at the same time, the taste of the e-juice will be reduced.

PG is used to carry most of the flavor of e-juice and produce a little mist and throat hit.

VG is mainly used to generate a lot of fog.The various flavors of e-liquid are adjusted by flavoring agents. Flavoring agents and essences are more easily attached to PG. Some flavors & essences can also produce a throat hit, such as mint.

feellife ReNico products use exclusive core research and development technology, they are particularly effective in terms of sweeteners and throat hits. With the leading global artificial synthesis research and development technology, it has become the global trend choice. feellife is dedicated and professional and insists on doing one thing well: developing e-liquid with good quality and good taste.


Post time: Aug-11-2022